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5th Grade Science


There is not a book that students will take home for science.  During class time, we will use  other resources including videos, internet websites, and an online book.   

We will take notes daily in their science journal.  This journal can go home anytime and should be used to study for tests.  Students need to make sure that it is at school on a  daily basis.    



Students have access to an online book called  CK-12  .  Although we will not use this book on a daily basis, it is a good source to review information that we have discussed in class.   Students should know how to log-on to this site and be able to navigate through it.    

If students have access to the internet, there are several great resources to review the science material.   Videos (CrashCourse Kids, BrainPop, StudyJams) and on-line flashcards or quizzing sites are top of my list to help students study.    



If students use their time wisely,  they should not have homework in science.   Many of the assignmnets in science are hands-on and I will give them plenty of time in class to finish.   

There will be a few technology projects that students may need some extra time, especially if they struggle with technology.   Students may stay after school anytime with me or stay  for the after school program.    

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